About Us

The Need

The state of a society is shaped by its educational system.

The prevalent educational system is based on a secular and materialistic ideology, it is implemented through an inefficient framework and much of its content has little relevance with the needs of the society. Put together, these factors contribute to declining moral norms, breakdown of the family structure, increasing corruption, rising consumerism and the spread of a culture of greed.

The solution lies in reshaping the prevalent educational system in its totality. This can best be done by the educationists and teachers who can review the complete system and consciously redesign it so that the educational system reflects the real purpose of life that is the basis of our society.

Today, the educational community around the globe lacks such educationists and teachers. Most of the present teacher education and training programs concentrate on improving a certain skillset of a teacher or educationist which merely reproduces the inherent flaws of the current system. Whereas the need is for experts who can rectify these flaws by developing innovative solutions.


Ustaaz is an initiative to cultivate and develop educationists and teachers as educational leaders of the future who can reshape the prevalent educational system: from the spirit and philosophy of education down to the transformation of the entire educational frame work, approach and pedagogy.

Ustaaz envisions that future educational leaders should possess:

  • Strong ethical values
  • A sound understanding of the philosophy of life
  • An understanding of educational philosophy
  • A knowledge of child psychology
  • A passion for education
  • Leadership qualities
  • Interpersonal and managerial skills
  • Professional competence in a specific area of educational expertise