Our Services

To this end Ustaaz plans to offer the following services:

1. Ustaaz Certification Program:

This will be a full time 1-2 years fully sponsored program for future educational leaders. The program will focus on the development of the spiritual, philosophical, personal and professional dimensions of future teachers and educationists.

The course methodology will consist of lectures/seminars, workshops, projects and research work along with field work/internship.

The graduates will render their services in different educational institutes ranging from schools to universities and from curriculum making bodies to publishing houses etc.

2. Open house Workshops ,Seminars and Conferences:

Various events will be organized for the educational community periodically. Experienced national and international educationists and trainers would conduct these workshops and seminars.

3. Collaborative Networking:

Ustaaz would serve as a platform for collaboration among educational institutes and professionals. Ustaaz plans to offer collaborative services to other educational institutes to jointly host workshops and events which are beneficial to the educational community.

Ustaaz has established a fully equipped training facility at its current office at 5L Gulberg II, Lahore. Ustaaz plans to establish a purpose built campus in near future.

We at Ustaaz believe that to make an impact and achieve desired objectives, it is imperative to learn from the expertise of current leaders and pioneers of the field. It is important that we take benefit from the experience of reputable institutes, leading scholars and field experts.

Ustaaz looks forward to making you a partner in its endeavor and seek your guidance and participation in reshaping the future of education.